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[ANN] Apache Isis version 1.5.0 and related components Released

The Isis team is pleased to announce the release of:
- Apache Isis Core version 1.5.0
- Wicket Viewer 1.5.0
- Restful Objects Viewer 2.3.0
- JDO Object Store 1.5.0
- Shiro Security 1.5.0
- Simple Archetype 1.5.0
- Quickstart Archetype 1.5.0

New features and improvements in this release include:
- Additional EventBus service events, ability to programmatically trigger events, vetoing subscribers (ISIS-550, ISIS-786)
- Integration testing improvements, most notably the new FixtureScript API and auto-injection of services into integration tests (ISIS-776, ISIS-782, ISIS-783)
- Better handling of multiple realms in Shiro security (ISIS-746)
- Better default column sizes for applib services (command, auditing, pubsub) (ISIS-744, ISIS-750)
- Precommit phase to flush pending updates for applib services (ISIS-769)
- Preparatory work for move to Java 7 (ISIS-569, ISIS-770, ISIS-772)
- Improved support for JRebel in Maven and various IDEs (ISIS-756)

Notable bug fixes include:
- Fixed blob/clob mapping in JDO Objectstore (ISIS-714)
- Fixed handling of mandatory boolean parameters in Wicket viewer (ISIS-431)
- RO not threadsafe when buiding metamodel (ISIS-777)

Full release notes are available at [1,2,3,4,5,6,7] on the Isis website (links below).

You can access this release directly from the Maven central repo [8],
or download the release and build it from source [9].


-The Isis team



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