Dan is a UK-based freelance consultant, developer, writer and trainer, specializing in domain-driven design, agile development, enterprise architecture and also REST on the Java and .NET platforms. Technology skills include Java, .NET, RDBMS, OOAD, UML, DDD, TDD, git, Maven, TFS, Subversion, Sybase and AOP.

He’s a well-known advocate of the naked objects pattern, and was instrumental in the success of the first large-scale Naked Objects system which administers state benefits for citizens in Ireland. He continues in his role there as an advisor to the government.

Dan is a leading committer and current PMC chair on the Apache Isis project, being an amalgam of the original Naked Objects Java framework and a number of sister open source projects that he wrote for his book, Domain-Driven Design using Naked Objects (pragprog).

His most recent open source work is the Restful Objects specification, which defines a hypermedia API for exposing domain object models. Apache Isis provides one implementation of this spec, and Dan is also a committer on Restful Objects.NET, an implementation for .NET on ASP.NET MVC.

Dan is a regular presenter at various conferences, and has written a good number of online and print articles. As well as the DDD book, he’s written a couple of previous books too, including “Better Software Faster” on the effective use of TogetherJ. Prior to focusing on agile and DDD, Dan worked at Sybase UK, and started his career as a cog-in-the-wheel at Accenture.

email: dan@haywood-associates.co.uk
mobile: +44 (0)7961 144286
twitter: dkhaywood


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