Isis integration with JRebel

You probably know about JRebel already – it’s a commercial product that dynamically reloads Java classes without having to redeploy your webapp. Not necessarily the cheapest of products, but if you’re a full-time dev working on the JVM, then it can easily pay for itself. Oh, and it’s free for use on any hobby/open source projects.

JRebel itself is pluggable, and so for a while now I’ve been meaning to work on an integration with Apache Isis. Actually, invalidating Isis’ metadata caches is pretty easy, the difficulty really arises in Isis’ JDO/DataNucleus objectstore.

But, with a bit of experimentation, I’ve got what I think is a workable integration going, full details up on github.

And if you just want to see what this means, take a look at this screencast (also available on the the Isis website):

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  1. Really cool that you took the time to make Isis integrate with JRebel, Dan. I’m new to Isis, is it getting good traction in the Land of the [9 million] Frameworks?

    • Hi Oliver,
      To be honest, it is pretty hard getting heard over the other 8,999,999 frameworks (!) But yes, our user community is slowly and steadily growing.
      As you might’ve realized from the screencast, in Isis there’s no need to write any UI coding, so the turnaround is very fast. Couple that with JRebel and we get an extraordinarily quick feedback loop. Isis and JRebel FTW!
      Be keen to do some cross-marketing via your blog if possible?

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