Eclipse Tips: Extract Local Variable

When I teach my little Java TDD course, I quite often do live coding demos …especially if we’re running behind schedule and I want to catch up; I’ll skip an exercise and work through the solution. And one of the remarks I often get at the end is “thanks for the course, but what I also found useful was learning about how to use Eclipse effectively”.

Well, I guess I have used Eclipse for over 10 years now, so I suppose I am reasonably familiar with it. So I thought I’d show some of these tips by way of a series of screencasts.

The first one in the series is nice and simple: the “Extract Local Variable” refactoring, and its corollary, “Inline Variable”; something I use an awful lot when working on Apache Isis codebase. You’ll find it just below…

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  1. Hi Dan

    Great tips. When using this as a shortcut for turning an expression into a local variable assignment, don’t type that semicolon! If you use Alt-Shift-L while the cursor is at the end of the expression it will work fine (no need to select the expression), and it adds the semicolon as well.

    When and where are you next teaching TDD? I have a colleague who might be interested.

    Justin Forder

    • Hi Justin,
      Thanks for that quick tip in return. These are silly little things, really, but we’ve all watched our colleagues on the keyboard frustratingly making edits the most long-winded way possible, so they are good to share. And I think it all adds up to being productive and being able to “get into the flow”.

      Not sure when I’m doing my TDD course next; taking a bit of a break from teaching this year what with commitments in Ireland and on the Isis project I’m working on. And in any case, that course isn’t a public course, it’s usually done for individual companies on-site. Still, if this fits in with your colleague’s situation, do have him drop me a line, and I’ll see if something can be worked out.


  2. Rabea Gransberger

    Hi Dan,

    I did at talk about this topic at Devoxx UK last week.

    Here’s my slides

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