Eclipse Juno JEE Setup

My installation of Eclipse Juno seemed to have got its knickers in rather a twist, so just spent a “happy” hour reinstalling the damn thing.

Anyway, here’s what my setup currently consists of:

In addition, there’s a bunch of templates and other settings for the workspace.  I download these and then install using Windows > Preferences:

And that’s me good to go, close enough.

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  1. It may be worth mentioning that first installing the Marketplace on Eclipse Classic (I believe it is pre-installed on JEE versions), then one can use the marketplace to easily install other plugins (e.g. M2E, etc.).
    The two initial repository/site urls I add just after installing Eclipse Classic are:

    4.2.x releases:
    Juno builds:

    The complete list of update sites is here:

    • I have now moved up to Juno, after discovering that the old non-CSS theme can be enabled using Windows > Preferences > General > Appearance > Theme = classic. And doing that brings a few improvements to the m2e and egit plugins.

      Eclipse do now say that Juno SR2 has mostly fixed the performance issues, but for me I’m happy to stay with the classic look-n-feel for a while longer.

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