Updating an expired Apache encryption key

I work as a committer on Apache Isis. On setting up a new PC, I realised that I’ve forgotten my ASF committer password. I popped over to id.apache.org, but found that the “reset password” button didn’t work, failing with an “Encryption failed” error.

This post is mostly a “note to self” on how I fixed that.

So, to recreate a new subkey:

  • ensure that ~/.gnupg (or c:\users\xxx\appdata\roaming\gnupg) is up-to-date
    • (reinstate from secure backup if required)
  • gpg –edit-key 77AD2E23     # this being the id of my main non-expiring key
  • addkey                                           # then enter passphrase for expiring key
  • select RSA(6)                              # ie, encrypt only
  • 4096 bits
  • 1y                                                     # ie, 1 year expiry

Then upload:

It takes 1 day for this to be sync’ed with ASF.

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